Accounting services for businesses of all sizes

Proper accounting is the foundation of every company not only due to the obligations arising from legislation, but because financial data is an important indicators for analyzing the overall development of a company. Monthly overview of proceeds, invoices, variable costs and balance sheets enables to determine the future of the company and to make the right management decisions.

In addition to common accounting services, Finance Plus offers the following
– Storing and archiving documents
– Salary calculation
– Calculation of benefits and holiday pay
– Calculation of sick days
– Calculation of holiday days
– Communication with the Tax Board

In order to make your life even easier, we help you with the following.
– We will enable you to manage business online and if necessary, we will collect the physical documents from your office ourselves.
– We will send you a table with important indicators every month, so that you would have an up to date overview of the development of your company. Monthly financial indicators provide a quick and good overview of the variables of the company.
– We will ensure that your transfer is quick and smooth. If necessary, we will order and review the accounting from previous years.
– We answer your questions quickly and professionally. Our entire team is here to help you.
– We provide counselling for raising capital, merging and dividing companies, formalizing decisions of the executive bodies of companies.
– We guide you in registering as a party liable to VAT in the Tax and Customs Board and we will also make applying for a VAT refund comfortable and quick.
– We compile your annual report. When you sign a cooperation agreement with us for at least a year, compiling the annual report is free!

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