Company formation in Estonia

Our services for forming a company in Estonia

We offer services related to company formation in Estonia and also provide ready-made companies. We assist clients in preparing business-related documents, submitting applications and petitions, and dealing with Estonian authorities. We will take care of all the administrative aspects of your business. You can turn to us with questions relating to the purchase, sale, or change of register particulars of any type of Estonian company (OÜ, AS, MTÜ, FIE, etc).

Private limited companies in Estonia

A private limited company (osaühing/OÜ) can be founded without making contributions or with the share capital paid up. We have ready-made private limited companies without share capital contributions available for individuals wishing to start a business in Estonia immediately.

The minimum share capital of 0.1 euros must be contributed by the shareholders at the latest when a claim is made against the company with no share capital or when you wish to pay dividends to the shareholders. Ready-made private limited companies can open a current account with an Estonian bank and start doing business immediately after the acquisition.

Public limited companies in Estonia

A public limited company (aktsiaselts/AS) is tailored for larger operations, requiring a minimum share capital of €25,000. This type of company allows for public trading of shares and mandates regular audits for businesses exceeding certain financial limits. It is ideal for businesses looking to access capital markets, offering enhanced credibility and stringent governance which appeal to investors and stakeholders.

Non-profit associations in Estonia

A non-profit association (mttetulundusühing/MTÜ) is designed for entities focusing on social, educational, scientific, cultural, or charitable activities, without the intent to generate profits for its members. The MTÜ is advantageous for groups dedicated to social impact, offering tax exemptions on certain incomes and the ability to attract funding through its credibility. Any profits from economic activities must support its non-profit goals, promoting sustainability and growth of its initiatives. This structure is ideal for fostering community-oriented projects with a public benefit focus.

Sole proprietorships in Estonia

The sole proprietorship (füüsilisest isikust ettevõtja/FIE) format is designed for individuals running their business operations, with no requirement for share capital. This structure is favored for its straightforward setup and minimal operational requirements, making it suitable for individual entrepreneurs or professionals in specialized services. However, entrepreneurs should consider the unlimited liability risk, as personal assets can be liable for business debts.

Foreign companies

For foreign companies looking to start a business in Estonia immediately through a subsidiary, we offer ready-made private limited companies with paid-up share capital.

If necessary, we will arrange for notarised translations of documents issued abroad in accordance with the requirements of the Estonian commercial register. A notarised Estonian translation of the parent company’s register card is required for founding a subsidiary of a foreign company in Estonia. Upon request, we can represent the client upon formation of the company on the basis of a power of attorney.

In addition to founding companies and selling ready-made companies, we can also supply your company with an accountanting and a lawyer, to facilitate reporting and administration.

Finance Plus OÜ’s services are designed for clients who appreciate expediency and convenience, and who want a one-stop shop for all their business support needs.

Why register a business in Estonia?

Advanced Digital Ecosystem

Estonia offers a superior IT infrastructure that ranks among the top worldwide. The country provides a robust digital ecosystem, featuring tools like digital IDs, e-residency, digital signatures, and comprehensive e-services including e-banking and electronic tax filings. This infrastructure simplifies administrative processes, enabling businesses to operate efficiently and with minimal physical bureaucracy.

Tax Benefits

Estonia’s tax system is designed to support business growth, highlighted by its 0% corporate tax rate on undistributed profits. This unique feature allows companies to reinvest their earnings without immediate tax liability, creating an ideal environment for expansion. Additionally, businesses benefit from VAT refunds and various other fiscal incentives aimed at fostering innovation and investment.

European Market Access

As a member of the European Union, Estonia serves as a portal to the extensive European market, allowing unhindered access to a consumer base of over 450 million people. This opens up vast opportunities for trade and investment.

Robust Legal Framework

The Estonian legal system is transparent, consistent, and in line with European norms, facilitating a straightforward business environment. It offers clear regulations and legal provisions that simplify compliance, intellectual property rights protection, and dispute resolution, safeguarding the interests of both local and international business owners.

Virtual office and virtual address

Virtual office and address service is often utilised when one prefers not to designate their home address as the company’s legal address, given the public visibility of the company’s address.

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