Applying for e-residency

We help our clients apply for e-residency and formalize all the necessary documents. As of 1 December 2014, a foreigner, who does not have Estonian citizenship, but lives in Estonia with a residence permit, can acquire a digital ID. All foreigners, who want to use the e-services of Estonia, can apply for e-residency and this is true for both natural and legal persons. E-residency gives similar possibilities to foreigners living in other countries in using the Estonian e-environment, as the residents of Estonia have. For example a person outside of the European Union can establish a base for doing business in the European Union: they can found a company in Estonia and actively participate in its management.

The Estonian ID card gives you the following possibilities, notwithstanding your location.
– Signing documents
– Founding a company in Estonia
– Managing bank transfers
– Actively participating in the management of a company registered in Estonia
– Declaring taxes in Estonia

When applying for e-residency, one should keep in mind, that this is a benefit, not a right. A digital identification document is issued to a person, who has a connection with Estonia or who has a legitimate reason for using the e-services of Estonia. The digital ID is only issued when the person is reliable and there is grounds to believe that they will use the digital ID bona fide. When the Police and Border Guard Board have reason to suspect that the person may abuse the digital ID, they have the right to reject your application. In addition to rejecting your application, the Police and Border Guard Board are authorized to suspend or terminate your digital ID, when they have the slightest doubt about the person’s intentions. E-residency does not grant the foreigner rights that only apply to Estonian citizens or permanent residents (e.g. the right to vote in the parliamentary or local government elections, the right to become a member of a political party).

In order to apply for a digital ID, you need the following documents:
– Application form
– Identification document from your native country
– One coloured document photo, 40 × 50 mm
– A written explanation about the intentions of using the digital ID and the circumstances of using it
– Document proving the payment of the state fee

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