Establishing a company in Estonia

We offer services associated with establishing a company in Estonia and also ready-made companies. We help clients with compiling documents, submitting applications, and handling matters with Estonian administrative agencies, everything that has to do with business. We will take care of the company’s affairs. You can come to us with questions about buying, selling and changing the data in the Business Register of all the companies (OÜ, AS, MTÜ).

A private limited company can be established with or without a consideration. We offer ready-made private limited companies without a consideration for private persons, who want to take up business in Estonia immediately.

We also provide legal contact person and virtual office services.

Shareholders have to pay up the minimum share capital of 2500 euros at the latest when a claim is submitted against the private limited company without share capital or when the company wants to pay dividends to the shareholders. A bank account can be opened in an Estonian bank for a ready-made private limited company and you can start doing business right after acquiring the private limited company.

We offer ready-made private limited companies with a consideration to foreign companies, who want to start doing business in Estonia immediately via a subsidiary. The minimum share capital of 2500 euros has been paid up when establishing the company. If necessary, we will organise the notarial certification of the translations of documents issued abroad according to the requirements of the Estonian Business Register. In order to establish a subsidiary for f a foreign company in Estonia, you need the notarized Estonian translation of the registry card of the parent company. We can represent our client on the basis of a power of attorney and do the activities necessary for establishing a company.

In addition to setting up companies and selling ready-made companies we also have an accountant and lawyer for you, who will make reporting and managing affairs really convenient.
Services offered by Finance Plus OÜ are developed for a client, who values speed and convenience and wants to get all the necessary support for doing business from one place.


Why start a company in Estonia?

A balanced budget, lowest national debt in Europe, one of the highest credit ratings in the region, a member of the EU, NATO and the eurozone as of 1.01.2011, absence of restrictions on foreign investments, legal protection of property rights – these are only a few of the reasons why foreign investors have preferred to invest into Estonia, including setting up a holding-company structure, to act as a hub for investments in the regions. According to this year’s International Tax Competitiveness Index, Estonia has the most competitive tax system in the developed world. Key drivers for Estonia’s high rank are its relatively low corporate tax rate at 21 percent, with no double taxation of dividend income, a nearly flat 21 percent income tax rate, a property tax that only taxes the value of land and not the value of building and structures, and a territorial tax system that exempts 100 percent of foreign profits. Your Estonian tax free company can be registered with a power of attorney, and you do not need to travel to the Republic of Estonia. There are many wonderful advantages in registering a private (osaühing, OÜ) or public (aktiaselts, AS) limited liability company.

• Best Corporate Tax System

• Best Property Tax Rate

• 0% tax on corporate profit.

• 25% income tax on distribution to owners.

• Estonian company can operate within the EU.

• Easy and simple formation.

• One founder and member are enough.

• Can be launched with 0 EUR capital.

• Ready in a few days.

• International bank account with Visa/Master.


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